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Realtor(R) Roda’s 12 Questions When Analyzing a Neighborhood

Realtor(R) Roda’s 12 Questions When Analyzing a Neighborhood

12 Questions When Analyzing a Neighborhood
by Ryan Oda (RA), MAT

Getting Around:

How’s the morning rush-hour traffic?
Is the neighborhood walkable? Many older streets in Hawaii don’t have sidewalks.
Is the neighborhood bike friendly? 
How close is the nearest supermarket, shopping mall, hospital, and restaurants? 

The Homes:

Is there a neighborhood association? 
How often do homes come up for sale? 
What’s the median home price? 
Are there any desirable streets to live on?

The Community:

What’s next door? It’s important to be aware of any upcoming developments.
What school district are you in? 
Is there ample street parking, especially after work hours?
Does the community match your lifestyle? 

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