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Steps to Selling

Selling can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process, but with our help… it doesn’t have to be. With our expertise and strategies, we’ll advise you every step of the way so you’re able to get the highest sale price with the least amount of anxiety. 

  • Why are you selling?
    Whether you’re selling because you need more space for your growing family, downsizing, or taking advantage of a booming market, determining and sharing this information with us will be beneficial. By knowing your particular needs, we can set a realistic time frame and save you time, money and, of course, stress.
  • Market value?
    Sellers are often surprised when they find that the single most important aspect of selling their property is accurate pricing. If your price is unrealistically high, buyers will not be inclined to see it, much less make an offer on it. We’ll provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis that will take into account the local real estate market, the condition of your home, recent sales of comparable properties and your desired time frame. And from there we’ll determine a fair market price.
  • Make your home shine
    How we live in a home is often not how we sell a home.  Your home needs to be shown in its best possible condition.  It’s always helpful to look at your home from a potential buyer’s point of view. Trim, tidy and clean up the exterior and interior. We’ll also be happy to give you tips on staging your property for the best impression at showings.
  • Accessibility
    In order to expose your property to the most potential Buyers we need to be able to get them to see it.  Set guidelines for showings and try to be as accommodating as possible.  It may be necessary to relocate pets for a short time.  Consider a lock-box, only fellow licensed Realtors can use them and you will get maximum exposure.
  • Disclose
    Part of your legal obligation when selling your property is to disclose any defects or deficiencies you are aware of.  Buyers tend to be more willing to accept issues they are informed of upfront, than those they feel were hidden from them.  It will also help us market your property to understand any issues it may have.  We will provide you with a disclosure statement for your use.
  • Strategy
    We will provide you with a custom marketing plan that is tailored for the current market conditions and your particular property.  Generally, your property will get the most interest at the initial “launch” into the open market.  We need to take advantage of this by being prepared with all marketing materials, showing guidelines and disclosures PRIOR to hitting the market.
  • Marketing
    Let’s market your property!  Some of the tools we use include use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), newspaper advertising, Internet advertising, private showings, open houses, and direct mail/email advertising.  In addition, we have an extensive network and database of brokers, affiliated industries and potential Buyers in each price category and target area.
  • Negotiate
    We have an offer from a potential Buyer.  Your Forward Realty advisor will go over the fine points of the offer, the pros and cons of the terms and how they will affect you and the transaction.  Then we will go back to the Buyer with our concerns and once both parties have reached a mutually agreeable contract we will open escrow and start the due diligence process. 
  • The path to purchase
    Once we have an accepted offer, we’ll help you coordinate all the necessary contingencies that must be done to finalize the sale and also keep you updated of the Buyer’s progress.
  • Closing
    Welcome to the final steps.  Signing, recording and closing.  A few days prior to the actual transfer of ownership we’ll have to sign all of the conveyance documents with the escrow company. They in turn file all of our documents and those of the buyer with the State Bureau of Conveyances for recordation. Upon receiving notice of recordation from the Bureau, escrow will release the proceeds to you.

Your sale is closed but that doesn’t mean we are.  Your Forward Realty advisor want to be your real estate resource for life.  Just as you have a doctor, lawyer or other professional services in your life, we want to be your resource for real estate.  Call upon us for market updates, property valuations, referrals for qualified service people and more.  We stand ready to help your family and friends with all their real estate needs as well!

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