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Real estate is sold backwards. If you understand this, you will understand the shortcomings of the typical real estate transaction and what makes Forward Realty different.

Real Estate is a large asset, and in the typical sales process, a Buyer views photos of a property on the internet and then follows up with a physical walkthrough of the property. At that point, the Buyer usually submits an offer and negotiates price and terms with the Seller. Only AFTER successfully negotiating those deal points does a Buyer receive a disclosure statement, survey, home inspection report, title report, termite report and more. So, typically, the due diligence comes AFTER the negotiation. This is like buying a car before you test drive it.

This often leads to a “re-trade” of the terms in which the Buyer attempts to renegotiate the price, or obtain a credit from the Seller, based on property deficiencies. This can result in adversarial positions by the Buyers and Sellers and sometimes to a broken transaction.

We have developed our own 7-step system for Sellers which helps to minimize “re-trades” and maximize competition for your home. The intent is to help you mitigate some of your disclosure liabilities, vet the Buyer’s qualifications, drive your preferred offer terms, and get you the highest price.

Contact us and we can explain it in detail!

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