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Forward Realty's Culture

We invite you to learn about our corporate culture.  We use a mantra to make sure we live our ideals and to make sure we are always being SMART.

Start with Aloha

Choose to be happy, kind and friendly. Encourage and motivate those around you. Have fun! 

Must be Present to Win  

Show up, participate, answer the phone, return calls/emails/text, get to broker’s opens, know the inventory.

Always Be Learning

Be an expert in real estate matters, attend trainings, get your designations.  Be well-rounded, read, travel, and be a lifelong learner.

Replace the Lightbulb     

Do what it takes. Be passionate about service.  Make the bed before a showing, take out the trash, wipe the counters and replace dead lightbulbs.

Truth be Told

Be truthful. Show your integrity and ethical behavior in all things. Practice open communication. 

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